Full Stack Engineer


About Us

PostHog is the open source Product OS - it's a suite of product and data tools, built on the modern data stack. We provide product analytics, session recording, feature flags, A/B testing, event pipelines and a data warehouse.

What you'll do at PostHog
  • We work on a two week sprint basis and we give everyone in the team the opportunity to suggest what they want to build.
  • You will be working directly with our customers - we have a weekly support hero, who is in charge of all customer needs.
  • Solve big problems - we haven't built our defining feature yet. We are all about acting fast, innovating and iterating.
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Culture screen- Our goal is to explore your motivations to join our team and learn why you’d be a great fit.
  • Step 2: Technical screen- You'll meet the hiring team who will evaluate skills needed to be successful in your role.
  • Step 3: Meet & Greet - You'll meet with our two cofounders to learn more about the company and goals.
  • Step 4: SuperDay Assessment - You’ll join a standup, meet the team, and work on a task related to your role.
  • Step 5: Offer Extended - If everyone’s happy, we’ll make you an offer to join us - YAY!

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