Women Who Code CONNECT Empower 2023

Join technologists and industry experts from around the world for a one-day live virtual technology conference Women Who Code CONNECT Empower. Register for a full day of technical workshops and talks, career networking sessions, and opportunities to connect with other professionals to empower you on your career journey.

You’ll have access to a diverse roster of technical leaders to update you on industry and career trends in tech! Register now and receive updates as we announce speakers and sessions. 

🗓️ When?

Thursday, March 2, 2023 7:00am - 6:00pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Save the date! Schedule and speaker details coming soon


📍 Where?

Online | Virtual, live event hosted on Hopin


👩‍💻 Submit Your Idea! Call for Proposals (CFP)

The application to apply to speak at Women Who Code CONNECT Empower is now closed.
Deadline to Submit/Fecha límite para aplicar: November 21, 2022


🔎 What We Are Looking For:

This one-day virtual event for technologists and developers will honor International Women’s Day by offering our members career insights, technical education, professional tools, and community support so that they feel empowered to succeed in their technology careers. This is first and foremost an event for technology professionals who are working to excel in their careers. We are seeking proposals for talks, workshops and panels that will help diverse women on their professional journeys in tech. 

🏆 Successful Proposals Will: 

  • Focus on real-world trends in technology for experienced developers and leaders to help our members stay up-to-date with their tech insights and dev skills. 

  • Show how the proposal topic supports the professional development or career acceleration of the Women Who Code audience. 

  • Clearly explain what attendees will learn or be able to do after attending your session that they did not know or could not do before attending your talk, workshop or panel. 

  • Keep our audience in mind. Your talk title and description should be catchy and interesting, but keep in mind the WWCode audience. Our attendees are professional technologists working in advanced technical fields, management, and thought leadership. Be mindful of “empty” or “fluffy” titles and descriptions. Your talk title and submission should have good substance and appeal to our professional audience.


⚡️ Talk Formats: 

Lightning Talk (15 mins + Q&A), Technical Talk (35 mins + Q&A), Career Session (35 mins + Q&A), Workshop (50 mins + Q&A)


📝 Categories and Examples: 

Technical Categories: Accessibility, Architecture, Backend, Blockchain, Career Navigation, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data Science, Front End, Inclusive Teams, Machine Learning / AI, Mobile, Product, Python, UX/UI, Web Development, Other

Career Navigation Categories: Applying for a Job (Finding the Right Role, Resumes and Profiles), Interviewing (Soft Skills, Best Practices), Technical Interviews (Algorithms, Technical Tips), Salary Negotiation, Career Path (Moving Up the Ladder, Beyond Entry-level), Leadership (CTO, Engineering Management), Changing Careers to Tech: Non-traditional Pathways, Returning After a Career Break, Managing a Team, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Other: Something Else Career-Related


🎬 View our playlists from previous WWCode dev conferences on YouTube to get a better sense of what talks we accept: 

💡 Need additional resources or inspiration to get started? 

Check out our conference talk proposal (cfp) resources for best practices and ideas.

🗣 Speaker Experience:

  • Mid- to senior-level professionals in tech with 2+ years of industry experience

  • Engineering Leaders (CTOs, Engineering Managers, Product Managers)

  • Founders, Board Members, VCs, Executives

🌟 As a speaker you have the opportunity to:

  • Expand the reach of your content by sharing your knowledge with the largest and most active community of technical women

  • Inspire others like you to excel in their technical career

  • Elevate your brand as we will be marketing your profile across our different platforms

  • Practice your public speaking skills in front of a large global audience

  • Make new connections with technologists around the world

⚡️ As a speaker you commit to:

  • Join the WWCode speakers channel on Slack and respond to emails when needed

  • Prepare for your session in advance and participate in a practice session on Hopin

  • Sync with the event team before your session

  • Arrive to your session on time (5-10 minutes ahead of session, 30 minutes ahead of keynote)

  • Share the event with your friends and professional network using the social media kit and the speaker assets

🎟 Conference Website + Tickets & Registration