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CONNECT 2017 is Women Who Code's premier technical event, bringing together distinguished speakers from some of the most innovative companies in the world to share their wisdom and expertise in a series of talks covering topics ranging from Big Data and AI to career advice, diversity, and industry culture.

Women Who Code CONNECT 2017 is taking place THIS SATURDAY, April 26th, at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, CA.

CONNECT is an event designed to inspire and empower attendees to achieve the next level in their careers while arming them with the tools that they need to achieve success. By celebrating the talents and accomplishments of a diverse range of industry leaders, we hope to create an environment where everyone feels that they can succeed. This is the new culture of tech, where inclusion and support drives innovation and industry.

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WWCode CONNECT 2017 in SF is the flagship event of the WWCode Global CONNECT Event Series which includes already conferences in Atlanta, GA, and Bangalore, India.

WWCode CONNECT Agenda and Speakers

Full Agenda Here
Full Speaker List Here

This year we have an incredible line-up of industry experts who will be sharing their insights on innovation, the industry, and the future of tech.

Keynote Speakers

Welcome to CONNECT 2017!
Alaina Percival, CEO and Board Chair of WWCode
Jennifer Tacheff, VP of Partnerships & Growth at Women Who Code

Rising in the Pursuit of Equality
Dr. Mona-Lisa Pinkney, Sr. Director, Governance, Risk, Compliance & Engagement Management Corporate Information Security at Nike, Inc.

Mary Ann Davidson, Chief Security Officer at Oracle
Zassmin Montes de Oca, CTO Women Who Code

Where do I fit in AI?
Amara Keller, AI Developer Advocate at Intel

Organizations Rising Up with Data
Jessica Lachs, Head of Business Operations and Analytics at DoorDash

The Physics of Big Data
Jennifer Fraser, Director Data Center Engineering at Twitter

Understanding Performance at Scale
Alice Yuan, Software Engineer at Pinterest

Inside Scoop on Engineering Your Career
Merline Saintil, Head of Operations, Product & Technology at Intuit
Cathryn Posey, Founder of Tech Superwomen

The Future of Data Science
Pinar Donmez, Principal Applied Scientist at Microsoft

Intentionally Erratic: Taking chances creates unpredictably wonderful paths
Clara Liang, Director of Product at AirBnB

The Ship! Culture
Stacey Yan, Senior Manager, Mobile Delivery Lead at Capital One

The Future of Women in Tech
Amy Gershkoff, Chief Data Officer at Ancestry

Empathy - The Unsung Hero of Leadership
Kallol Das, VP of Engineering at Invoice2go

Thank You Leaders
Joey Rosenberg, Global Leadership Director, Women Who Code

Aviary Room

DevOps for Developers
Briana Crabb, Software Engineer at Capital One and Director at Women Who Code- Richmond

Rationality & Software Development
Julia Clavien, Product Manager at Data Republic

The Beauty of Math behind Distributed Systems
Verónica López, Engineer at Ardan Labs

Usable, Scalable DevOps
Kate Heddleston, Founder & CEO at Opsolutely

Wombat-Driven Understanding: An Interactive Guide to Using npm
Raquel Vélez, Engineering Manager at npm, Inc

Subline: How To Reduce Costs and Defend Your Users
Luba Yudasina, Software Engineer at AirBnB

Compliance, Quality, and Viability
Meng Chow, Ph.D., PMP, Open Source Program Manager at VMware

Transforming the Wild West into Civilized Coders
Lauren Cipicchio, Engineering Manager at Bridgewater

Harnessing the Power of Customer Feedback
Aradhana Vaidya, Engineer, Cloud Rendering at Autodesk

3D Printing: Synesthesia and Music
Kaitlyn Hova, Senior UX Developer at Women Who Code and Co-founder of Hova Labs


WWCode CONNECT is a kind of magic. It brings people together from around the world to learn, to share, to learn, and to CONNECT. However none of this is possible without the generous contributions of our sponsors. It is their comittment to diversity in tech and support for Women Who Code that allows us to host this event, and run all of the programs and initiatives that we offer to help engineers get ahead in tech.


Platinum Level

Inspire Level
Capital One, VMWare

Propel Level
Accenture Technology, Atlassian, SumoLogic, TIBC

Autodesk, Air BNB, Galvanize, Google, Groupon, Hulu, Luna, Lyft, Mozilla, Plex, Skyhigh, Nike, Women Techmakers, Yelp.

Past CONNECT Conferences

This is the third year in a row that Women Who Code has put on the CONNECT Conference. At past events we've had incredible speakers, memorable moments, and inspirational takeaways. Below we've listed some articles and news stories celebrating those highlights, in anticipation of the amazing things to come as CONNECT 2017 approaches.

A chance for women, and male allies, to celebrate their accomplishments and those of their peers as they continue to drive and fuel the innovations of technology.

A look back at some of the highlights from CONNECT 2016.

Reflections on #WWConnect2016
WWCode CONNECT 2016 told through narrative, tweets, slides, and notes. A multimedia way to experience this past conference.

Regina Wallace Jones
A recap of the incredible keynote speach given by Regina Wallace Jones, Head of Security Operations at Facebook.

6 secrets for success in the tech industry: Advice from the Women Who Code conference in Seattle

Waste Your Time - Natalya Shelburne

CONNECT 2016 Press Announcement

CONNECT 2016 Press Announcement Speakers and Sponsors

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