WWCode Awards Nominees and the #ApplaudHer Program


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The #ApplaudHer Awards Ceremony

  • Lori Hill of WWCode Seattle was featured in an article on NBC News about returning to work after a career break.
  • WWCode Singapore member Hui Jing Chen spoke at CSSConf.asia.
  • WWCode NYC Director Elizabeth Ferrao pitched XapiX, the Github for APIs, at Techcrunch.

November 2nd we will celebrate the second annual #ApplaudHer Awards Ceremony. This is an event that will celebrate the accomplishments of some of the most amazing, inspired, and talented women in tech, while also looking back at the journey of WWCode and what we have accomplished in the short time since we started working together to change the tech industry.

The awards categories include Technical Founders, Engineering Leaders, Senior Technical Leaders, and Return to Work Standouts. We currently have nominees from WWCode Networks in London, Seattle, Berlin, Birmingham, Belfast, DC, and many other locations, and they hail from companies like Google, NBC, JP Morgan, Microsoft, and Mozilla.

This is an event that was born out of an idea, the concept that recognition can create change, that rewriting the perceptions of the public can transform tech for good. This is an idea that Women Who Code expresses, through the #ApplaudHer.


  • WWCode LA member Natalie Monger received a research position with the world's top Computer Graphics researcher, Dr. Hao Li.
  • WWCode East Bay member Camille Villa accepted a job with Stanford University as a Digital Library Research Engineer.
  • WWCode SF promoter and Ruby Tuesdays originator Judy Tuan steps up to a new role as Engineering Manager of Indiegogo's Entrepreneur team.

Women are doing amazing things in tech. They are leading startups, disrupting the system, making change and developing the future. But you don't hear about it.

Women Who Code is on a mission to change that.

The #ApplaudHer Program is designed to shine a spotlight on the accomplishments of women in tech. With recognition and celebration of their achievements we hope to change the public perception of technology and rewrite it, to be more open, inclusive, and through those merits successful.

The #ApplaudHer is a celebration. When a woman in tech achieves something, we all win. The world moves forward, technology gets better, our lives get better. And so we make that achievement public, through the 50,000 subscribers who receive the CODE Review each week, through the 150,000 followers on our social media outlets, and in our media, on our website, our blogs, and throughout our communications channels.

We are honored to be able to share the news of these triumphs with the Women Who Code community, and the world, and we are thrilled to be hosting the #ApplaudHer Awards Ceremony.

We'd like to invite you all to join us on November 2nd, at Github headquarters in San Francisco where we will come together to recognize our mutual accomplishments and those of our peers, appreciate the work that we've done, and look forward to our goals, aspirations, and the bright open future of technology.

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