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Issue 146

We are building features for the Women Who Code community and we want to highlight that work with our stakeholders, you! THANK YOU to our contributors for dedicating their valuable time to help us build tech a place where women can excel.

You can follow all of our work on github. Below are a few snippets of our awesome features.



We got a lot of great work done over the past two weeks, and have released numerous fixes, changes, and new features to the site, while also ensuring the performance and security of items like the new Network Tabs and the job submission form are functioning in an optimal manner.


Change Nav Over to a More Flexible Format to Fix Display Bugs

This update improves the way the top navigation bar displays to make it more uniform in all supported browsers and on all screen sizes. This also creates a unified experience whether you are logged in, logged in as an admin, or logged out, and across all pages including those with or without images.

Fix: top nav dropdown / search bar bug

This allows you to click or tab through any of the drop-down results that display when entering a query into the search box on any page of the site. This is done before the search button is clicked, allowing users to choose results more quickly.

Improve Accessibility of Nav for Mobile View

This update ensures that all links, navicons, and navigation icons can be used in all supported browsers on all devices and screen sizes. Focus state styling is now used when the user is focused on each navicon, and enter can be used to open appropriate modals, while escape can be used to close them. This also ensures that Voice Over on Mac's, and NVDA on Windos machines can be used to guide users through the site.

Fix alignment of checkboxes on add new job form

This fixes a minor bug that was causing the benefit checkboxes on the add new job form to appear misaligned. They are now lined up properly in all devices and screen sizes.

Fix submit job button on small screen sizes

This is a visual fix that ensures that the text "Post Job - Apply 1 Credit" shows up on the screen when viewing the job submit page on a mobile device.


About page: title changes

The titles of several members of the WWCode HQ Team were updated to reflect their new positions in the organization.

Events page loading

This adds Google Analytics click tracking to the register buttons on the Networks page and on individual Network pages. It also ernsures that these pages look the same on all screen sizes.

Add Arrow and Dropdown to Job/Profile Datalists in All Browsers

This adds arrows and dropdown lists to the Add a Job page, making it easier to preselect the appropriate data for each field.


ApplaudHer#index backend

This update ensures that the data for our new ApplaudHer submit and display feature on the website, is being properly created and is accessible and searchable by admins.

Required fields

When posting a job, a red asterisk has been placed next to all required fields. This includes Company Name, Job Title, Job Salary, About Us, Development Stack, Primary Responsibilities, Seniority Levels, How you want members to post, and Hiring Process.


Post new network profiles cleanup

This ensures that all of the new Network pages that have been generated for each individual Network load quickly and with no bugs or errors.


Upgrade Rack -> 1.6.11

Our Website

Our repo is private, yet running under an open source license.  Instead of pointing to issues and PRs, we are including a screenshot of what our weekly pulse looks like. 

Existing website contributors, please check out our pulse!

Potential website contributors, please email coreteam@womenwhocode.com with your GitHub username to get started. It's built in Ruby on Rails + React + Postgresql.






Talk to us

Any ideas about existing features, new features, getting involved as a contributor, please share it in this FORM and/or watch our repos on Github.

To submit feedback, comments or questions email coreteam@womenwhocode.com, we would love to hear from you. 

User Research is a Team Sport

Join our User Research Team! Be the first to check out all of the great products that we are building and have your voice heard from the earliest stages of development.

Join our user research team

WW<CODE> Maker Bytes

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