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Issue 95

We are building features for the Women Who Code community and we want to highlight that work with our stakeholders, you! THANK YOU to our contributors for dedicating their valuable time to help us build tech a place where women can excel.

You can follow all of our work on github. Below are a few snippets of our awesome features.


We've accomplished a lot of great things during this weeks sprint, and below you'll find a list of the highlights. We....

Added a link to the new WWCode shop in the website's footer.

Added an About Page to Network pages on the site which is available at /:slug/about. This uses a new About Page template using HTML and JSON.

Removed nested caching from Network events, which was causing inaccurate event information to be listed on Network events pages, and removed an inaccurate datetime comparison that was causing some events to be missing from Network events pages.

Added a new Code of Conduct page which is available at https://www.womenwhocode.com/codeofconduct.

A public Google API key was added to the app.json file.

Added a "Have questions?" note on "my jobs" on the user dashboard.

Implemented a change to make remote jobs stand out, by showing first and appearing in the standard $teal color.

Added a perk type to job postings that includes both a job post and a credit.

Our Website

Our repo is private, yet running under an open source license.  Instead of pointing to issues and PRs, we are including a screenshot of what our weekly pulse looks like. 

Existing website contributors, please check out our pulse!

Potential website contributors, please email coreteam@womenwhocode.com with your GitHub username to get started. It's built in Ruby on Rails + React + Postgresql.






Talk to us

Any ideas about existing features, new features, getting involved as a contributor, please share it in this FORM and/or watch our repos on Github.

To submit feedback, comments or questions email coreteam@womenwhocode.com, we would love to hear from you. 

WWCode Job Board Survey

Answer a few short questions so that we can better understand what you are looking for in job posts and opportunities, and help us create the ultimate job board for you!

Get Involved in our Research Survey

We are conducting research to better understand your needs and pain points in tech. Interested in sharing? It's completely private. points in tech. Interested in sharing? It's completely private. 

Complete this Survey!

User Research is a Team Sport

Join our User Research Team! Be the first to check out all of the great products that we are building and have your voice heard from the earliest stages of development.

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