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Leadership is key to overcoming the gender gap in tech. Women leaders are role models that can give girls and other women someone to look up to, and aspire towards. They are also decision makers that can fundamentally affect the function of the companies they operate in. Celebrating the women leaders of today and supporting the leaders of tomorrow allows us to change the public perception of tech while creating more viable paths for women to grow and succeed in this field.

Women Who Code’s leadership program is a highly experiential professional development opportunity through which engineers and high-skilled volunteers are able to enhance their standing as leaders in the tech industry. Each year, over 300 engineers engage as leaders in communities across the globe to bring the best of Women Who Code to their cities. While the concept of leadership varies across cultures, engineers globally find that there are five key ingredients to being a standout technical leader.

1. Top notch technical skills.
2. Inspiring others to achieve their career goals.
3. Sharing your knowledge through talks and technical writing.
4. Encouraging others to step into leadership.
5. Continuous learning by stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone.

The following are accomplishments from WWCode leaders that have taken place throughout 2017 and which exemplify the values listed above.


This year Women Who Code launched Network locations in 11 cities around the world. This wouldn't be possible without the intrepid Founding Directors, that work so hard to set the foundations for these institutions, marketing, planning, and leading every initial aspect of its function, and then working to enfranchize the next wave of leaders. These efforts are supported by our outstanding Global Leadership Team, which provides the expertise and insight needed to overcome any initial hurdles, as well as our Sponsors and Partners, who provide facilities, funding, and equipment that allows these Networks to meet and thrive.

Women Who Code Partners With Sony Interactive Entertainment to Launch San Diego Network

WWCode Partners With Capital One to Relaunch Chicago Tech Network 

Women Who Code Launches in Raleigh Durham, NC 

Women Who Code Launches in Chennai, India 

Women Who Code Launches in Edinburgh, Scotland

Women Who Code Establishes Local Network in Kyiv, Ukraine 

Women Who Code Launches in Pune, India 

Women Who Code Launches Tech Network in Cleveland, Ohio 

Women Who Code Launches in Singapore 

Women Who Code Launches in Manila 

Women Who Code Network Launches in Vancouver 


Networks produce over 1,500 technical, training, leadership and career development events each year. These are organized and led by Network Leads and Directors, with Evangelists helping to spread the word. Mentors and volunteers also provide valuable assistance in these efforts. The result is moments of inspiration and connection that bring the community together, empowering everyone involved.

The WWCode Manila Hackathon

WWCode ATL Hackathon

WWCode ATL: My First Hackathon

WE Rise Women in Tech ATL

The Tech Industry Needs More WE Rise Conferences

WWCode Birmingham Hackathon Magic City Hacks


3 Years in Portland

WWCode Manila Recap

WWCode PDX Leadership Meeting


The Women Who Code Advisory Board is made up incredibly talented and successful tech professionals, that help to set the tone and course for the entire organization. Their insight, wisdom, and knowledge is a powerful and driving force for the entire organization.

Jennifer Manry Joins WWCode Board of Advisors


Mentorship is at the heart of the Women Who Code experience. When you come to our events you will be able to network with other members at different levels in the industry and benefit from their knowledge and experience. Many of our events and hackathons also benefit from the wisdom of these generous volunteers.

How Mentoring Can Transform Your Life 


The #ApplaudHer Program is Women Who Code's way of recognizing the professional achievements of women in tech. It's a chance for the whole community to celebrate something that you did, or to nominate someone else for that kind of feature. This is done throughout the year in our CODE Review Newsletter and through our social media channels, and it culminates in the #ApplaudHer Awards Ceremony.


CONNECT 2017 is Women Who Code's premier technical event series, bringing together distinguished speakers and leaders from some of the most innovative companies in the world to share their wisdom and expertise in a series of talks covering topics ranging from Big Data and AI to career advice, diversity, and industry culture. 

WWCode Announces CONNECT 2017 Conference Series 




CONNECT 2017 Retrospective and Highlights 

CONNECT 2017 - Speakers, Sponsors, and Stories 

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