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In July of this year (2016) Women Who Code launched a job board. We have been working to connect tech professionals with great employment opportunities for years, and we wanted to try to make a more comprehensive and systematized approach that would be viable on a larger scale.

And it worked.

In fact it worked so well that we were inspired to continue growing the product and the service.

What started out as a job board, has now transformed into an initiative that we are calling Women Who Code For Companies.

The idea is to improve the way that organizations connect with tech professionals by giving them the knowledge, insight, and tools to be better at recruitment, engagement, and retention.

Women Who Code for companies is an experience. It has developed into a guided journey, with WWCode employment experts who have been involved with increasing inclusion in the tech industry for years helping organizations to do better. We want to give businesses the tools to properly engage a more diverse population in order to build better, more dynamic teams with a far greater scope of perspective.

In order to do this we started out by listening. We’ve been seeking feedback from everyone. We’ve talked to the companies who are looking to hire. We’ve talked to the people who are looking to advance their careers. And we’ve leveraged over three years of experience into the creation of Women Who Code For Companies.

So, What is Women Who Code For Companies?

Companies: This is a service where we help you to improve the way that you interact with potential employees by giving you access to the knowledge and wisdom of trained WWCode employment consultants, while guiding you on a path that will connect you with our community of over 80,000 tech professionals.

Tech Professionals: We’ve spent a lot of time talking to our members in order to understand what would make the job search process better.

Our system is fast, concise, and delivers the relevant information that you need to make a decision in the most efficient way possible. We are teaching the companies that work with us to be better at communicating the things that you care about, and eliminating the things you don’t.

This is a shift that is in progress, and will continue to evolve as we continue to take in feedback from everyone.

Do you have an idea? Is there something you’d love to see happen with Women Who Code For Companies? We need the wisdom of engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the field. Please reach out to us at contact@womenwhocode.com and let us know exactly what you are looking for.

Together we can change the face of tech, and make it better for everyone.

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