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Women Who Code Fact Sheet – 2019

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Written by WWCode TeamApril 1, 2019

The Women Who Code Community

Women Who Code Community is made up of a global population of 200,000 women in the tech industry.
50% are Engineers
8% are Executives
7% are Management
5% are Data Scientists
4% are Designers
26% are other tech roles. (Solutions Architects, Consultants, Students, etc.)

Women Who Code has local Networks in 70 cities and 20 countries around the world.
 As well as 6 online Track Learning Communities covering Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science, Front End, Mobile, and Python. 

The Technology Industry

By 2020, there will be 1.4 Million Computer Science jobs available in the US, but only 400,000 potential C.S. college grads, leaving 1 million jobs unfilled.

  • This bottleneck of talent will stagnate the tech industry, an effect that will reach even further as technology pervades every sector.

Women make up 57% of the US labor force and almost 51% of the population. Yet they only represent 26% of professional computing jobs. 

Women involved in technology leave at a rate that is 45% higher than any other sector.

The Benefits of Equality

Companies with a higher representation of women leaders have seen a 34% higher ROI than those with few or no women.

Software developers have projected future job growth of 23%, with a median income that is 42% more than the average salary across America.

When women make more, they reinvest 90% of their income back into their families and communities, thus creating a virtuous cycle or multiplier effect for supporting women to earn more overall.

The Women Who Code Impact

Women Who Code has been responsible for 10,000+ Free to low-cost technical training events, workshops, hackathons, developer conferences, and more from leading experts in tech. We average 1,900 free events a year.

  • That is 5 events per day around the world.

We have given away over 2.5 million in full and partial scholarships and tickets to technical and career events since 2014.

Our Global Leadership Program has 500 women who are receiving training and experience to be and become leaders in the industry. 

80% of all WWCode participants relayed that participating in WWCode has advanced their careers.

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