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This week is Computer Science Education Week. 146,622 events are happening around the world in coding, engineering and STEM. It’s also pioneer and tech leader Grace Hopper’s Birthday on Friday, with original computer programmer Ada Lovelace’s birthday the following Saturday. This week has so much changemaking goodness all under the banner of learning, using and engaging in technology. We just love it!

Women Who Code is a movement with computer science education and tech skills-building events happening almost 360 days per year. We were curious what a typical week looked like for our organization, so we crunched some numbers and did some research.

1,615 hours of coding and technical skills building will happen this week at WWCode events around the world.

Members from all over the globe will be learning: NET, Android, C# Git, Java, Javascript, Linux, Node.js, Python, React, Ruby, Unity, WatchOS 2.0, Algorithms & Interviewing, leadership and more.

New ideas. New projects. New sparks. New careers. New companies. New successes, all happening from this incredible community of talented engineers and technologists.

These workshops, hackathons, events and study groups will be taking place in over 21 countries. In 67 cities. These cities will ultimately be primed to receive improved tech infrastructure and more qualified engineers, as well as the economies that surround them. “The rising tide lifts all boats..”

Engineers on average make 23% more than other professions and we know that when women make more, they reinvest 97% of their incomes back into communities.

This work that Women Who Code does organizationally, as well as all of the work of our Network Directors and Leaders has an immediate social impact that goes beyond supporting the individual (and frankly being the right thing to do!) It’s social impact with teeth. Fiscal empowerment. Job stability and flexibility. Inclusion and innovation, literally shaping the products we use. It’s life, community, industry and world changing work.

And that’s just what’s happening this week...

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