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The Women Who Code job board is a product that was developed to make it easier for tech professionals to explore great job opportunities while also helping companies recruit and communicate in an inclusive way. Since the Job Board launched a year ago, the feedback from both organizations and job seekers has been enormous, and we wanted to share one of the success stories with you.

Veronica Luke was an experienced software developer that was on a quest to achieve mastery in her craft and was looking for the right job to help her attain that goal. However, as a mother of two, she had to find a position that allowed her to work part-time hours, which made the search that much more difficult. Her responsibilities at home also made it a difficult to find opportunities to prep for technical interviews.

“It's hard to find the time when you're a mum.. so it's pretty much a ‘one-at-a-time’ approach rather than a ‘cast a big net’ approach. It's mentally exhausting and time-consuming” Veronica noted, speaking about the challenges of her job search. 

The process was expedited for Veronica when she discovered Women Who Code and started using the job board to look for open positions. “The WWCode job page was how I found Expert360 - and in particular, it's the tags that attracted me to the job ad (maternity leave, self-learning, work-life balance, etc). I'm very happy to have this job - so I'd say that's a pretty big impact.”

While applying to Expert360, Veronica had to go through a four stage process including meeting with the company's internal recruiter, interviewing with the VP of Engineering, a coding challenge, and getting to know the team. Throughout the process, Veronica demonstrated that her skilled technical abilities, personality, and goals aligned with the organization and eventually, she was hired on as a Software Developer.

Expert360’s internal recruiter, Stephi, spoke about the decision, “From a technical perspective, Veronica has several years of experience in software development and is a fan of modern technologies. At the same time, we found that she has the personality we are looking for: team focussed, accountable and highly passionate about developing a great product.”

When asked what advice Veronica had for other women looking for technical jobs she said, “Go to meetups and network! That's how I found out about WWCode, and how I met some awesome people who showed me cool resources online to help further my quest. If you don't get yourself out there, you're totally missing out! Even if you're busy - find the time, you won't regret it!”

Expert360 is always looking for talented engineers to join their team. Check out their latest open positions on the Women Who Code Job Board

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