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Women Who Code For Companies is an experience, one that is designed to teach organizations how to make better decisions about things such as inclusion, belonging, and the ability to create a corporate ethos that is intrinsically efficient at creating broad, diverse teams.

Originally this started as a job board. We wanted to allow awesome companies to connect with the more than 80,000 amazing tech professionals that make up the Women Who Code community. However, as we went forward and started getting feedback from both members and the companies that were posting, we began to see the potential of this project.

That’s when we started building Women Who Code for companies.

Rather than a single exposure to our amazing community, Women Who Code For Companies is an ongoing experience. One where trained Women Who Code Employment Gurus guide you on a path to growing your organization in the right way.

Each month you will receive a consultation that will help you to understand how to create a better hiring and work environment. We will answer questions about diversity, inclusion, and help you understand how to better confront the dramatic gender gap that exists in tech.

In addition, you will get access to the global 80,000+ strong Women Who Code community, communicating and connecting with them in a more meaningful way.

This is a way to change the entire structure of your organization. To give it a broader perspective. To change your corporate culture, and by doing so, the very soul of your company.

Check out Women Who Code For Companies today.

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