TechConneXt Summit

Event Reflections

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I appreciate Women Who Code for their accommodations for me to attend Black Entertainment’s TechConneXt Summit! I had the opportunity to hear from some of the best that Silicon Valley has to offer. I listened to leaders in their space from companies such as SolePower, Reddit, and Uber. I enjoyed hearing Mariah Lichtenstern on empowering entrepreneurs while she received a room filled with applause. I also valued Bozoma Saint John “Boz” on her goal to be part of a company’s vital change for the better. It was inspiring to hear Boz’s comments of feeling refreshed when her Uber colleagues of all backgrounds welcome her with open arms. Seeing people of color embrace technology such as those found at this Summit was indeed refreshing.

Bridgett Coates

Owner of Super Fan Chase

Co-Owner of Exposure BBC

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