Shivva Subramani: Keep Learning, Be Confidant, and Don’t be Afraid to Lead

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Shivva Subramani

Shivva Subramani had a childhood fascination with computers. This merged with her entrepreneurial spirit, her passion for technology, and her dedication to hard work - characteristics inspired by heroes such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg - to lead her into an incredibly successful career in software engineering.

Today Shivva is a Sr. Software Engineer at Intel Corporation. There she leverages her experience with Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Hadoop Administration to do things like support instruction based simulators to model Intel Architecture, develop and model new architecture features for software simulations of the processor in order to provide bug fixing support, as well as establish and monitor regressions to ensure accuracy in product releases.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Shivva makes a point to give back to the community, organizing and conducting course series to help women in Computer Science learn Hadoop, Spark, and Machine Learning. She is also a member of the Women Who Code San Francisco Network, where she is able to support and empower the women in her local community through guidance and mentorship.

On a personal note, Shivva is a night person that prefers dogs, and when asked what she would do with her time if the money didn’t matter, she answered that she’d go to work at an Academic Institution and get involved with projects involving robots.

Shivva had some advice for people in the tech industry, those just starting, and others making their way. “Don't be afraid to lead. Keep learning. Be confident of your skills.”

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