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Lumenthropy Partners to Support Women Who Code

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Written by LumenthropyDecember 3, 2019

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It may just be kismet that our 8th Stellar lumen fundraiser is for Women Who Code, a nonprofit with a mission to inspire women to excel in technology careers.

I say this because it comes on the heels of Stellar’s first annual conference where Denelle Dixon, the CEO and Executive Director of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), was asked a question from the audience about Stellar’s role in changing the male-dominated blockchain space (question begins at 39:30 in the full video below –

In response to the question, Denelle said gender equality is an issue near and dear to her heart and that the gender imbalance is not just observed in blockchain, but in tech generally.  She said it is something she has experienced for most of her career and that the SDF would love to see more gender equality in blockchain.  She went on to say, “we are going to do our part by supporting all companies, not companies that are just created and developed by men, but companies that are created and developed by women and every other kind of diversity that you can think of.”

The question and Denelle’s response speak directly to the Women Who Code mission – which in my mind is the perfect setup for a fundraiser that uses the same blockchain technology that Denelle champions as the Executive Director of SDF.  What also makes a Stellar lumen fundraiser so apropos is that it not only provides financial support to Women Who Code, but it may also reveal a bit more of Stellar’s untapped potential to thousands of developers for which Denelle so passionately stated she wants in the blockchain space.

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