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My name is Jouell Wright. I am an entrepreneur and programmer. My journey in the field of technology was not your typical journey. I have always had an innate desire to learn about tech, science and robotics growing up, although my resources for computer science were limited and tutorial centers were very costly.

During my collegiate years I maintained my desire for knowledge and the ability to code and program.I founded a company a year before I learned of WWCode. My LLC specializes in repair and refurbishing parts and devices for mobile devices, tablets and pc's. I taught myself to repair an iPhone then trained under a company learning to fix all mobile makes/models for 6 months before I launched my company. Constantly being around technology in my industry along having a life long love for tech I began to want to learn more of the back-end of tech and how software was programmed, rooted and maintained. Therefore, when I found WWCode's free coding classes while on Meetup browsing for local hacker labs, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend. My first class was at a local Hacker Lab, the instructors were so kind and made me realize this was an obtainable goal, I too could be in there shoes. I continued learning with the free classes picking up a foundation in Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. I joined the the mailing list to stay informed on all of the new and upcoming opportunities.

Jouell Wright

My weekly WWCode e-mails I began to receive were full of opportunities that I would apply for consistently. I was afforded a vast array of opportunities to attend events and cohorts that I wouldn't have been able to attend without WWCode. I attended events such as Developers Week, Intel events, AT&T Tech events and Telegraph Academy cohort via Hackreactor. I was given a platform that enabled me to connect with brilliant and amazing people from all parts of the world. I learned to code, use variables, learn GitHub. My opportunities were inspiring me to continue to persevere and reach new heights in my learning as well as my business. I was exposed to Draper University and afforded the opportunity to attend via WWCode. It was a life changing event. My inner tech and entrepreneur were nurtured with mentorship from Silicon Valley's most prominent Venture Capitalist, Tim Draper and his amazing staff. I made lifelong friendships and connections with many amazing CEO's like Twitter's Co-Founder Biz Stone, Gerard Adams, Postmates CEO Bastian, Silicon Valley's legend Bill Draper and more. I was also able to pitch my Fintech company to a panel of Silicon Valley investors. From this I made powerful connections that have helped and will play a major role in my future success.

Overall, I am forever grateful for WWCode. Throughout all of the amazing things I've encountered on their behalf I now have even more respect for companies that give back. I now am in the works of making partnerships with companies to provide the disadvantaged youths, veterans and life long learners a place to learn coding. I plan to host cohorts through my LLC and help train those looking for work to repair devices and gain a skill that can lead to potential employment. I cannot wait to be in a financial position to give back on a large scale to WWCode. Companies that make a difference have the most impact on the world and for that I am very appreciative of their mission and business model to empower women from all walks of life and give them a platform in the world of tech, which is known to be dominated by mostly men.

Thank you WWCode!

The author of this post, Jouell Wright, is the founder of a Fintech company, Trade U.
Trade U Blog:
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