How the WWCode Job Board Helped Keely Hicks Become an Engineer at Amazon

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The Women Who Code for Companies Job Board launched in the summer of 2016 as a resource for engineers to connect with tech companies seeking talented employees. It was designed using the wisdom gained over two years of working with members of the Women Who Code community and was built to specifically cater to the needs and preferences of technology professionals, while also guiding companies in best practices for communicating with those individuals.

When Keely Hicks graduated from Rhodes College in May of 2016 with a BS in Computer Science, she was able to find her first Software Engineer position and first job out of college on the job board. She describes the experience in her own words.

“The job board was fantastic! At the time of my graduation, I had been looking for jobs for about 8 months with no luck. I didn’t have a big network since I went to a small school and didn’t intern anywhere. I liked the Women Who Code job board because it actually put you in touch with a recruiter who would reach out to you personally. Even if the listing wasn’t for an entry level position I would still reach out and express my interest. I was able to get so many more interviews and contacts through the job board than by just filling out an application form and hoping for someone to contact me. The whole experience just felt much more personal.“

Utilizing the Women Who Code Job Board, Keely was able to identify, apply for, and was eventually accepted into a position as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon. “I get to work on really cool projects with a lot of smart and talented people. I’m already learning so much! It is a huge starting point for my career and a great place for me to develop my skills.“

In addition to pursuing her developing career, Keely also feels strongly about the goals and mission of Women Who Code and is a big supporter of the organization. “WWCode is important because having a network of women in tech allows us to feel supported and encouraged. It’s also necessary to educate others on the importance of women in tech, and WWCode is doing their part to spread that message. I’m proud to be a woman in tech and proud to share this network with so many other amazing women!“

When asked what words of wisdom she had to share with others in the industry, Keely said, “For those who are looking for jobs and feel lost or defeated: don’t give up! It is exhausting and frustrating, but something will work out. It just takes time.“

If you're looking for your next big tech opportunity or even if you just want to see the kind of positions that are out there, take a look at the WWCode Job Board. We've got a constantly updated list of open positions at companies around the world and the whole thing is designed to meet your specific needs.

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