Heval Azizoğlu: Feed Your Curiosity and Collaborate

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Heval Azizoğlu is a software engineer at Spotify. A practical programmer that enjoys building products that help people and solve real-life problems, she got her start in coding in college where she immersed herself in a world of tech. In her own words:

"Before I was accepted to a computer engineering department I had no idea about coding. I only started coding in college. At first, it felt weird to write those half-human-readable lines, but after I realized how powerful it was, and how many different mind-blowing tools I could create with it, I was fascinated."

When it comes to technology, Heval is enticed by its ability to cross borders and bring people together. She said, "Technology is pretty global, and you don't have to act according to cultural norms. It's amazing to see how easily different developers are able to communicate and collaborate with one another. I believe that, in a sense, this unites people, and that thinking about yourself as a node in this circle is really exciting." 

Heval is pursuing a Masters of Science (MSc) in Computer Engineering from Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi / Middle East Technical University. She is also an enthusiastic member of Women Who Code. 

"I was looking at how other women were doing in the tech industry, and whether they were also looking for communication with others. I searched for communities and organizations around the world, and discovered Women Who Code. I'm inspired by all of the women that are brought together by this community, and it gives me the strength to know that there are others out there that feel like you do, and are always out there to support you."

A night owl that dreams of one day working on projects like self-heating cities, we asked Heval what advice she had for colleagues and peers. She said, "Never hesitate to try and speak aloud." She went on to add, "Feed your curiosity and collaborate. Other people will always have something to teach you that is far beyond your imagination."

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