Giving Tuesday

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For Giving Tuesday on November 29th, please join us in championing the work we do on a global level. Let the world know why this work matters and how they can support us!

Follow & tag Women Who Code!

Draft messages to share:

  • Join me this #GivingTuesday and donate to #WWCode: Change the world. Shape the tech industry. One woman at a time.

  • #WWCode supports 80K technical women. DONATE on #GivingTuesday & create more global opportunities: @WomenWhoCode

  • I am #WWCode and believe in an industry and world where everyone is included. DONATE: #GivingTuesday @WomenWhoCode

WWCode Global Video Project:

We are also gathering WWCode member stories from around the world to share on #GivingTuesday and beyond. Has Women Who Code impacted your career/life? Has coding changed you? Has this community changed/supported you? We want to know why WWCode is important to you!

When submitting, please follow these steps:

  • FRAME: Use this Video Guide to film your story on your mobile phone. Record one video per question.
  • PREP: Use the questions below to help frame your story.
  • SUBMIT: Upload your video by 11/20. Go to this link, add a folder with your name, and upload it there.

It’s ok if you stumble - we’ll edit:) Start rolling and answer any of these that help tell your story:

  • Your name, and role.
  • Tell us about your relationship with Women Who Code.
  • Tell us about your favorite memory, story, or experience with Women Who Code.
  • Share with us what it means to you to be part of Women Who Code or what makes you proud of our community.
  • Tell us why you feel Women Who Code matters.

Then, everyone please record each of these:

  • Complete this sentence. Women Who Code is ______.
  • Finally, look at the camera and say in a powerful voice - “I am Women Who Code”

Additional Resources:

Other great sources for empowering content from women leaders around the world are:

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