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Enhancing App Development and Debugging with ChatGPT: My Experience

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Written by WWCode TeamSeptember 7, 2023
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By Namaswi Chandarana

In this article, I want to share my valuable experience and tips on how to leverage ChatGPT for mobile development and debugging. These tips can be applied to any software development project. I have also included a few prompts which are IOS app development specific below that you can directly copy and paste into ChatGPT to see the results for yourself.

However, it is essential to exercise caution when handling sensitive data and avoid sharing it with ChatGPT. To maintain data security, refrain from copying and pasting sensitive information. Instead, rely on self-made prompts that guide the conversation toward solutions without compromising data integrity.

Here are some practical ways to use ChatGPT effectively:

Optimizing Documentation Review

ChatGPT can provide information and explanations related to APIs, frameworks, libraries, and other technical documentation. If you have specific questions or uncertainties regarding particular topics in the documentation, you can seek clarification from ChatGPT. This allows you to concentrate on the areas requiring further explanation, instead of going through the entire documentation once more. 

While ChatGPT can offer code snippets that can be adapted for your solution, if your task involves multiple aspects beyond a single issue, it is recommended to thoroughly read the documentation to ensure the development of efficient code.

Try this prompt “Google Interactive Media Ads how to resume and pause while backgrounding the app Swift iOS.”

Debugging Unknown Errors

Encountering an unfamiliar error can be a frustrating experience, leading to extensive searching and browsing through multiple Stack Overflow posts in search of a solution. However, in such situations, ChatGPT can be your savior. By copying and pasting the error message, you can rely on ChatGPT to provide you with a range of troubleshooting techniques tailored to address the specific error. This can save you valuable time and streamline your debugging process.

Try this prompt “EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x68)”  

Code Snippet Templates

ChatGPT can be a valuable resource for obtaining code templates that can enhance your development process and accelerate your workflow. It can generate reusable code snippets that align with your codebase, allowing you to save time and effort. Additionally, ChatGPT can provide helpful comments on the code, offering further insights and guidance. To receive a code snippet template, all you need to do is specify the programming language or topic for which you require assistance.

Try this prompt “Provide me with a template for a UIViewController subclass that can be used to display a SwiftUI view” 

Best Practices and Optimization Techniques

ChatGPT can assist you in implementing best practices and optimizing your app's performance. Seek advice on code efficiency, memory management, and other optimization techniques. ChatGPT can provide suggestions based on established principles and industry standards. 

Try this prompt "What are the commonly used best practices to avoid memory leaks in iOS?"

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Build Quick User Interfaces

Additionally, ChatGPT can assist you in creating user interfaces (UI) using specific tools. For instance, I recently encountered a scenario where I needed to develop a debug UI for an app without a specific design in mind. Instead of grappling with the UI creation process, I turned to ChatGPT. By describing the essential elements I required in the UI, ChatGPT promptly generated a code snippet that fulfilled my needs. This capability greatly expedited the UI development process and alleviated the need for extensive design work.

Try this prompt: “Build a UI view using SwiftUI. The view should have a table and each row would consist of static text and a picker”

Naming Suggestions

When facing "coder's block," you can describe the purpose or characteristics of the data structure to ChatGPT. It can generate a list of potential names based on the given description, helping to spark new ideas.

Try this prompt "Suggest me alternative naming for DataFetching protocol" or “Suggest me a name for the protocol that would help be fetch image data”

It's important to note that while ChatGPT can provide valuable guidance, the solutions it offers may sometimes be outdated or may not be the best approach. Use the provided solutions as a starting point and exercise critical thinking to ensure the suitability and effectiveness of the proposed solutions. By leveraging ChatGPT effectively, you can enhance your app development and debugging process, save time, and gain valuable insights to drive your project forward.

To conclude, my experience with ChatGPT has been amazing. It has proven to be an invaluable tool, consistently delivering effective solutions and insights. I recommend incorporating ChatGPT into your software development workflow to unlock its immense potential and experience the transformative impact it can have on your projects.

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