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Code for Social Good

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Written by WWCode TeamSeptember 23, 2019

One of my realizations when I joined Women Who Code Manila, and eventually become a volunteer, was that tech communities in the Philippines have a fantastic collaborative environment. Different tech groups, big or small, are always ready to share and collaborate. For me, this is a modern “Bayanihan”, symbolic of the Filipino way of group work.

Over the past year, we have been collaborating with different tech groups organizing events ranging from simple meetups, to study groups, hackathons, tech summits, conferences, and that much needed weekend out-of-town barbeque outings.  . Among the events I attended was Do_Action Manila. This was one of the events that is memorable to me mainly because this is the first hackathon that I joined centered around building websites for charity. This is our way of helping local non-profit organizations by giving them a fresh and dynamic online presence.

In the process, I was given the opportunity to work as a team with my fellow volunteers Kim Morano, Krizza Bullecer, and Azel Tan. We learn from each other and shared knowledge and skills. Specifically, this is the first time Pantheon and Elementor wa s introduced to me and on how these platforms help increase developer productivity. Also, I was able to meet Judy Pasimio, Abby Dupale, and Susan Corpuz of LILAK. Moved on how they put their hearts, minds, and energies in advocating indigenous women’s right in our country.

From Left to Right: Krizza Bullezer, Andrew Garcia, Kim Morano, Abby Dupale, Me, Azel Tan, Judy Pasimio, and Susan Corpuz during the presentation of the newly designed LILAK website.

Overall, the event was a success. I like how well it was organized. There’s enough time for networking and food before we start the hack. And while we are building the website, other volunteers are teaching the non-profit organizations on how to use WordPress effectively.  In the end, we are glad that LILAK liked the new website we build.

Non-profit organizations learning how to use WordPress effectively.  

I am inspired by the different tech groups who worked tirelessly to make the event possible -, Canva Manila, Patheon, and WordPress foundation. A big shout out to Andrew Garcia and the rest of the WordPress community Philippines for a such fun and rewarding event. And thank you WWCode Manila for encouraging me to participate, step-up and lead our build team. 

Having this fantastic working relationship among different tech communities in Manila, I am positive that the tech scene in our country is bright.

Do_Action Manila 2019 volunteers and participants.

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