Berta Devant: Building a Future in a Field of Endless Possibilities

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Berta Devant has a mind that is designed for technological pursuits. With an inherent love of the creative aspects of problem solving, she gets great enjoyment out of the act of figuring out puzzles in order to build bigger and better applications. She describes this passion in her own words.

“I like building things, and I love suddenly understanding a concept after I have been struggling with it for a while, and then being able to make something with it. That is the best feeling in the world.”

Pursuing her passion and her talents, Berta enrolled in school, achieving a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Systems Technology from CUNY University. She then entered the tech industry, first taking on a front-end developer position before landing an IOS developer role at Inclusive Digital. Along the way she was empowered by a number of important individuals that she met. She described one in detail.

“I am inspired by my former boss: Quinn McHenry because he was patient and kind and had an absolute passion for teaching me. He was one of the first people that believed in me, even when I did not, and that inspires me everyday. I write my code trying to make him proud.”

Berta also helped to found Women Who Code Barcelona where she became a Network Director, guiding the community, hosting events, and providing valuable mentorship to members. Through this position, as well as her own personal Network of contacts, she does her best to help others in the field achieve the same success that she has.

“I try to help by connecting people. I talk to other devs about WWCode and tell them about how it can help their careers. I also send opportunities to my friends so that they can take advantage of them. I love code so I have been trying to get people to consider it as a career because I think everyone can learn from tech and I think that there are not enough women in tech.”

Berta, who is both a morning person and a dog person, loves her job as a mobile web developer, although she does dream of one day becoming a VP or a CTO. She’s also enthusiastic about the tech industry in general saying, “It’s just started, and it has endless possibilities. Right now I could apply to many different jobs and do many different things and I like that.”

When asked what advice she would like to impart to the tech community, Berta said, “Take it one day at a time: great careers, great companies, projects, etc do not get built in one day. They take time and work, don't get discouraged because it has not happened yet. "

Berta Devant is an IOS developer at Inclusive Digital. For more information about her follow her on Twitter @bertadevant.

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