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A Letter to Women Founders From the Co-Founder of Women Who Code

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Written by Alaina PercivalAugust 29, 2023

Entrepreneurship has always been important to me. I believe in the power of building and creating something new, something that can change the world. Technology has made building something new more accessible than ever and created an industry that allows us to reimagine or disrupt how we do everything. During this time of radical innovation, it is equally important to reimagine the biased systems in place and redefine how things are structured.

As founders, you create your companies' culture. That influences the broader business and tech culture. Your decisions have a ripple effect across industries, creating standards of behavior and processes that become expected over time. The people you hire are empowered and go on to be and become leaders themselves, who further enhance that impact.

You also play an essential role as an example to diverse women, showing them they can succeed, start a company, step into leadership, and positively affect the world. That is why it is so important to celebrate your wins, amplify them, share them with the world, and inspire people with the story of your journey. You help people believe they can succeed, making them much more likely to try.

Over the past ten years as CEO of Women Who Code, I’ve had the honor and the privilege to meet many of you. You’ve shared your incredible stories of perseverance and resilience. I’ve seen the impact you’ve had on business, society, and at the individual level. I’ve seen your companies grow and thrive, and new leaders emerge inspired by your efforts.

You have had to overcome the hurdles and biases in tech, business, and fundraising to succeed. This has put you in a position where you can enact change to build a better industry and remove those obstacles for those who come next. Thank you for your dedication and determination. You are creating change for all of us. We see you, and we are inspired.

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