Atlassian Supports Women Who Code With $110,000 Donation

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In a recent initiative designed to increase opportunities and support for underrepresented groups in tech, team collaboration software company Atlassian has pledged to donate $110,000 to support Women Who Code (WWCode), a global nonprofit committed to advancing women in tech and preparing today’s generation to be tomorrow’s role models in the industry. An international non-profit organization, WWCode has networks in over 20 countries around the world from Africa, to China, India, the UK, South America, the United States, Australia and beyond. This partnership will support WWCode’s 50,000+ members in these networks. That means that more engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, product managers, re-entry candidates, and women who are new to the field will receive access to cutting edge programming, scholarships, tickets to tech conferences, and leadership opportunities. Additionally, this funding will help support the launch of new networks in cities that have applied to the 30+ WWCode network waitlist, reaching even more women across the globe.

Atlassian’s donation to WWCode is part of a larger effort to grow the tech community and help those with the desire get the skills they need to succeed. Known for its collaboration software suite, Atlassian wants to help teams continue changing the world through the power of code. To this end the company has teamed up with Coursera, which offers online education in partnership with over 140 top universities, to develop a program which covers 50% of tuition for computer science courses through June. The company is also demonstrating their commitment to promoting diversity and creating new opportunities for underrepresented minorities in the tech industry through additional donations to organizations like CODE2040.

“We’re proud to be partnering with Atlassian in an effort to change the face of technology. The industry needs more women, more diversity, and more executive leadership. It’s not only the right thing to do; it helps the bottom line. We support women, wherever they are on their career trajectory and ultimately empower them to become leaders in their field. This donation from Atlassian will further the impact we have in a strategic, sustainable way.” Jennifer Tacheff, VP of Business Development & Partnerships at WWCode stated.

With the help of partners like Atlassian, Women Who Code has tripled in membership in this past year, growing to over 50,000 people, with local networks in 20 countries and over 60 cities around the world. They provide more than 1,500 free technical events and training sessions each year, and have awarded nearly $1M in coding school and conference scholarships. Through the support of donors and partners, WWCode is transforming tech into a more diverse and dynamic field. Join us and support women in tech.

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